£1.99 postage. With literally thousands of named varieties to choose from and new hybrid varieties being introduced each year, the connoisseur of African violets can have "billions of blossoms" year round. The key is to get bright light in the morning or afternoon without excessive heat or intense sun. Eva's Garden. Click & Collect. An African violet plant needs to be watered when the soil starts to feel less moist than usual. 4 different Colour Leaves. The leaves will rot if they become too chilled. Remove yellow or brown leaves, and fertilize with an African violet fertilizer according to the package directions. They commonly have disease and pest problems, but most of these can be avoided by following the recommended cultural practices to keep plants healthy as described in HGIC 1550, African Violet . African Violets, like other plants, need light for photosynthesis. Phytophthora Crown Rot: Crowns and roots have a dark, water-soaked appearance. Free postage. African Violets: A popular blooming plant that grows in a rosette of fuzzy foliage that forms a circle around one central crown. Bloom: Almost year-round Light: Grow in a brightly lit room, but avoid direct sunlight.Intense sunlight can easily scorch the leaves of African violets, so be careful. Blight Another result of overwatering in African violets is botrytis blight, caused by a fungus that grows on soaked leaves, turning leaves, stems and sometimes flowers brown or gray. Their popularity arises from the fact that they are easy to grow and can bloom for 10 to 12 months of the year. Causes of this fungal disease include over-watering, poor container drainage or a crown planted too deeply so moisture builds around the crown and root system. It’s also worth noting that some African violets have naturally curled leaves. Eva's Garden. This means that a healthy African violet plant can yield dozens of healthy babies, allowing you to quickly grow your collection. African violets need light to grow and produce flowers. Knowing how to take care of yellowing African violets can minimize the effect, but lower leaf yellowing is a natural part of the growth process and not a cause for worry. PH Problems normally a PH problem will show itself over more than just one leaf, - so if just one leaf shows the problem it's not a PH problem, normally. African violets (Saintpaulia ionantha) are adaptable, but even the hardiest plants can start to wilt if conditions aren't right. The amount of lighting and nitrogen in the soil can affect variegation as can the growing temperature. African Violet RS Winter Night pair of leaves Russian. A herbaceous leaf plant, African violet is tropical perennial evergreen which is used as an ornamental plant. African Violet Leaf Chimera PEARL DELIGHT - Starter Plant. Go Back to the African Violet … Bouquets of blooms develop with the right conditions and gardener's patience. Five African Violet Relative Starter Plants - See Winter Shipping Below. If your African Violet plant has been over-watered, the soil will retain too much water. This includes: The Rosette African Violets. African Violets - Saintpaulia General Information. $8.99 Aponogeton longiplumulosus plant. $5.69 Sanseveria Mermaid bare root plant. With their wonderfully shaped fuzzy leaves, their compact structure and their bright, beautiful blooms, African Violets (Saintpaulia) have the kind of charm that cheers up the environment and makes you smile. African Violet (Saintpaulia) plants are a popular species of houseplant, native to East Africa. Humid bathrooms that receive about 10-12 hours of indirect light are African violet heaven. Semiminiature African Violet WINNIE WOO - Starter Plant. Quick Tips on How to Grow African Violets. This means that more than 4 or 5 rows, or 12-15 leaves, is unnecessary. Unless you live in semi-tropical to tropical climates, don't put your African violets outside or near drafty windows.