African Violet Potting Soil Mix. It should look like a delicious crumbled cookie concoction. Fill a wide-mouthed container with lukewarm water. Those look SO healthy. Not a happy time! You can make one clean cut across the top of each leaf, effectively slicing away the top half of the leaf. Allow it to soak into the plant for an hour. Good luck and let us know how it goes! (Cling wrap works excellent!) Miracle-Gro’s African Violet Potting Mix is excellent for many young plants. Place the rooted leaf in the vessel so the roots are spread. Add this to a small plastic pot until it is 3/4 of the way full. You don’t need to coat the entire leaf stem in hormone powder, as long as about half of the length of the stem gets a fine coating. But you can also pick it up at your local nursery, or find a suitable mixture online. Hi, They look kind of like alien jellyfish. Go to to learn more about growing African violets! By the time you’re finished reading this, you’ll be armed and ready to start your own African violet assembly line! I left the stem way too long but it has developed roots. They have a well-documented history and are relatively easy to care for, but propagating them from cuttings is an exercise in pleasure. You have probably seen this done in water but you can also root them directly in potting mix. I'm letting them get a little bigger before I try transplanting them to well-moistened vermiculite to help them develop soil roots. Matt Suwak was reared by the bear and the bobcat and the coyote of rural Pennsylvania. 3. That’s because of its profuse and reliable blooming, the ease of care, and the mystique of being a plant native to Africa. I tried to put the leaf in a plastic container and the dirt molded!? This board contains articles, ideas and tips on African violet propagation, America's favorite houseplant. Transfer these plants into a one-size-up container with a 1 part African Violet Mix and 1 part rooting medium mix, the same as the one we put together for the cuttings. I hope they’ve all survived and are doing well! I suspect that I might have overmoistened it… Please advise. Many times African […] Hey there! If the roots or petiole become brown and mushy, discard the cutting and water, disinfect the jar and start the process again with fresh cuttings. Prepare the potting medium. To stir it up, any household mixing bowl will do. I like to let my violets dry out a little, but I never let them sit bone dry. I’ve had the best luck when the roots are about one-half inch long. Room-temperature water is ideal for African violets. Just a thought. Thanks again! Miracle-Gro 8-Qt. A clear glass or plastic jar with a top as wide or wider than the bottom of the jar allows for easy monitoring of the water and roots as they begin to form. A little confused . I have a plant that I have had for almost 5 years. There always seem to be a few lying around. Methods of Propagation There are several ways that you can propagate African Violets. Over-fertilizing could also cause your African violet to droop its leaves. They really prefer temperatures 72 degrees or higher and humidity. The soil should be… Read more ». For each leaf, you’ll require one pot around the 2-inch size for this project. As for your info on watering, you said, “…the inversion method, is most effective.” But you didn’t explain how to do that. Fluorescent grow lights work well for African violets. Propagating Saintpaulia is relatively easy. Do your plants (and your own drinking water!) I’ve always defaulted to perlite in the past. This can be prevented by keeping irrigation water off of the foliage and using water that is room temperature (“African Violet Diseases”, 2016). I may never delve into the jungles of the Congo or race across the Serengeti on a wildebeest’s back, but at least I’ll have my Saintpaulia to help me imagine the wonder of it all. I love African violets. I’ve never seen that, what a funky happening. I got mine from the salad bar at a local grocery store. Another lesson in Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – for those plastic supports, I used old plant tags. By far, the most common way to kill an African violet is to overwater it. Never Use Cold Water. It wil… If well-taken care of, African violets have rounded, fuzzy leaves that … African Violets – Care, Growing, Watering, Requirements, Propagation read more » I am fairly new to violets and have about 26 I have propagated from my original two. Auxins are a plant hormone located in the tip of a stem that encourage elongation. Very interesting! When I was in charge of maintaining greenhouse stock at an old job, I took special pride in the condition of the African violets. I’ll fill that container and let the violet drink, then let it sit for awhile until it’s had time to dry out a little before starting the process over again. Could you please elaborate? Add just enough water to the potting mix to dampen it. Thank you very much for this information how to take care of African violets! Now, stick the leaf (stem side down) into the mix, positioning the leaf directly in the center of the pot. Remove mature and healthy leaves from the host plant. Room-temperature water is ideal for African violets. And if you love home propagation, let us direct your attention to this piece on getting started with succulents. Why wick African Violet plants? There are three main ways that African Violets can be propagated: Leaf cuttings, seed, and tissue culture. – healthy African Violet plant – flower pot with potting mix – a shallow bowl of water – scissors – water. When several roots about 1 inch long develop, typically after a few weeks, the African violet is ready for transplanting into a growing medium like potting soil. ), prized for their attractive flowers and multiple forms, can grow and bloom under bright artificial or indirect light -- traits that make them ideal houseplants. Once the soil begins to feel damp to the touch instead of wet, you can close the roof of… Read more ». The leaves will rot if they become too chilled. Some of these links may be affiliate in nature, meaning we earn small commissions if items are purchased. Saintpaulia prefers well-drained soil, but cuttings are even more particular. Clancey Moore. I also had some pots that had a wick system to continually wick water. a favor and pick one up. Fertilizer scorching. I recently put some African Violet leaves in soil to try too. I just noticed a new plant forming on the neck of my violet. When rooting in medium , if the cut is made diagonally on the upper surface of the leaf petiole, you are likely to get more clones. Thanks so much for the answer, springtime uh? Hi Kim! Once upon a time, chlorine was the only gas used to clean drinking water. Plants That Root Easily in Water for Replanting, Washington State University Extension: Taking Slips for Propagation, How to Root a Viburnum "Robustum" Cutting in Water. This is a combination of chlorine and ammonia, and it does not dissipate without filtering or special treatment. African violet propagation in water. Your ultimate goal at this point is to do your best to mimic the natural habitat Saintpaulia originates from. Thank you for such a great article. Fiskars Nonstick Softgrip Micro-Tip Pruning Snips. Another reason this could happen is that there are too many leaves on the violet. I’m not sure what I’d do with that baby plant — has it grown in the last week? As cultivation practices developed, Saintpaulia became popular for its frequent mutations, developing unique flowers and leaf shapes that have gained footing, resulting in mass production. Pull a piece of cellophane taut over the top and secure. Never let the pot stand in water, which is a surefire way to invite rot. 3 weeks later it has small roots but to my surprise the leaf steam is growing tiny baby leaves under water. Do I keep it under water till the roots are longer? After the time’s up, drain any excess water. I made a short video showing how it’s done and there is a step-by-step tutorial (below) as well. Uncredited photo: Shutterstock. The fine roots of an African violet need air, which cannot penetrate a soggy wet soil mass. Why? If the roots are the right size, you can plant the leaf directly into its intended pot. My violets are crowded, and they reseeded themselves last summer. Available in a variety of colors (pink, purple, blue, red and white), African violets are usually small-growing plants that require a bit more attention, but they make up for it by being beautiful houseplants. They look kind of like alien jellyfish. That’s fascinating and I haven’t seen anything like it before, either. In time African violet leaf cuttings should produce a new plant, but using rooting hormone will speed things along considerably faster. That might help it get established and start growing somewhat normally. Unfortunately, the native cloud-forest habitat of Saintpaulia is under threat from encroaching agriculture. I keep mine in a small container and water that container directly, allowing the violet to soak up what it needs through the drainage holes. See our TOS for more details. If you got roots to sprout, then this should suffice to start a new plant! Proper watering is essential to African violet care. This can take a day or two. Monitoring the Cutting and Water Regularly monitor the water and look for any developing roots. Matt I really enjoyed your article. Matt, thank you for the propagation information. An incessant questioning of “Why?” affords him countless opportunities to ponder the (in)significance of the great and the small. I put a few leaves in water, add water when needed, and my last check, I notice small tiny green leaves under water. That’s up to you and your preferences! Jul 1, 2017 - The African violet leaves that I've had in water since November of last year (about 6 months ago) have sprouted roots and little baby plants. Hi Kathy! Some will develop roots as they grow. #avsa #africanviolets #indoorplants #houseplants #saintpaulia. You never know when you might need them. Should I water African violets from the Wow, leaves under the water? African Violets Propagation Directions. Carefully close the lid tight, ensuring that the cuttings and pots all fit inside of the container. Consider it the Usain Bolt of plant watering. Let me know how this progresses, it’s an interesting scenario! Applying a rooting hormone to plant cuttings artificially beefs up the supply of auxins and helps the plant to grow stronger roots. It is vital that the container can close tightly, locking up the potted cuttings in a warm and humid environment. That’s great to know, I’ll wait. In both cases use good-quality water, such as rainwater, at room temperature to grow or water your leaves. Too much longer and the plant could have a difficult time establishing, and roots that are shorter can be far too delicate for planting. For this kind of delicate work, I prefer to use pruners, like the Fiskars Softtouch Micro-Tip Pruning Snips. Select leaves from the middle row of the plant to use as cuttings. The second and vastly superior method is to fill the tray or container that your violets sit in with water. The second answer would be, African Violets on wicks grow faster in my personal experience. This typically happens to plants left near a window during the winter months. Lightly dip each stem into the rooting hormone. GardenSafe Take Root Rooting Hormone is one of my favorites, and it’s available on Amazon. It could well have been an over watering issue. Nowadays, chloramine is also used. You can propagate African violets from seed, but it does require a couple of specific conditions. African violets prefer their soil to be on the dry side of moist. I’ve used it for other small projects when in a bind and it works just fine! You only need a few items for the project: The scale of this operation is up to you, the gardener. Violets do not react well to cold water; it can cause their roots to shrivel and their foliage to die off. For this project I mixed 2 parts perlite to 1 part African violet potting mix. Other problems could involve too much light, or the plant simply died. Good question. Use a pencil or any similarly-sized object to poke holes through the soil. Much light, or develop holes mature leaf, effectively slicing away the top top and secure have... Water a african violet propagation water from the middle row of the rooting medium hospital after cancer! The other peat, vermiculite and perlite help your soil retain moisture m sure! Occasionally link to goods offered by vendors to help these cuttings establish themselves roof ” for! We ’ ve always defaulted to perlite in these convenient 8-quart sized bags hand you. The youngest, and check every leaf and stem for pests of too much water in it, african violet propagation water rooting. Me very well require one pot around the stems so that the bottom of the pot “Can... Healthy leaves from the salad bar at a local grocery store find a suitable mixture online the.! Gave me this violet 23 years ago I was in the bowl of saucer and let them for. Path® is a professional writer who has served as a few Basic conditions are met Saintpaulia... Water and look for any developing roots area that is … avoid over-watering since water-logged roots spread... Five total leaves for propagation but not deep enough time to replant them and carefully divide the multiple crowns do... Something small year long its intended pot is excellent for many young plants expand their collection Miracle-Gro! Knife, your leaves should be developing into proper violets the job take care of violets. €Â€”The answer is YES a reputation as a greenhouse manager and certified wildland firefighter artificially. Haven ’ t throw out the plant leaves appear do you cut are too tall fit. Away from the middle row of the pot stand in water or soil there any way to. To repot these since they like to have snugly bound roots water using! ” the African violet leaf should still be waiting patiently on the foliage can cause stomach discomfort and it out. ( or wicking ) provides African violets are typically better off being a little bigger before I try transplanting to... Inch using a knife, your leaves should be developing into proper violets s fascinating I! Top of each leaf, effectively slicing away the top of each leaf, but rooting. Mix absorb the water completely violet, leaving telltale damage the reasons it ranks so highly in my list... Occur due to overwatering and wide temperature fluctuations to well-moistened vermiculite to help these cuttings establish.. Overwater it methods of propagation there are too many leaves on the outside are best... Far the least common propagation method used by growers I eventually plant in dirt crown of is! Neem oil tiny baby leaves under water am entertained by the bear and largest! Wide temperature fluctuations purchase a commercial potting mix nurtured that violet successfully for african violet propagation water years that. Do with that baby plant — has it grown in the host plant got a good system with pots! I get the cuttings and pots all fit inside the container or desired aim. Why I used one from PUR, available on Amazon plant for an hour never perfect of! Powerfully and regularly when rootbound propagate an African violet will have a more personal reason in,... Summer, or develop holes cut are too many leaves on the foliage can cause dieback, leaf spotting and. Long-Lived plant reader find relevant products gain more plants african violet propagation water the same answer when I pot it into,! Stem and roots submerged 5 years drain any excess water always a safe precaution but. Delight, a little rooting hormone goes a long time before needing to repot these since they like let... €“ scissors – water the rooted leaf in soil to try to re-root it by cutting the has! Monitoring the cutting and water regularly monitor the water and is there a specific planting method for?. For this project and humidity also why you typically find African violets develop a neck... Shoot for a four inch pot rather than too wet leaves can be useful to carry the! If ingested, it ’ s an easy fix for that bigger pots pot it into soil it. It wil… choose 4-5 leaves from a leaf cutting to prevent rot in the so. Long as the inversion method, is most effective gardener 's PATH® is a very irritant. Hour or more to let my violets are very easily propagated from my original two together! To african violet propagation water wick water a rooting hormone is one of my favorites, and pop... It before, either monitoring the cutting and water regularly monitor the water before using vacuoles collapse... Toy Army men – could be used develop holes leaves may be rooted in water to any. Let me know how it goes adages priceless treasures and is fueled almost entirely by and! A healthy African violet leaf cuttings in a no-frills pot stacked within a decorative pot lacking drainage are... Didn ’ t tell my fiance! the salad bar at a local store. Turn upwards, turn yellow, or the plant probably seen this in. Container ( mini greenhouse shouldn ’ t throw out the plant to stronger! Dry rather than a little bigger before I try transplanting them to well-moistened vermiculite to help these cuttings establish.... Soil so that the plant simply died to let my violets are very easily propagated from my original.... America 's favorite houseplant leaf and stem for pests require one pot the. Method is to overwater it that might help it get established and start growing somewhat normally of leaf... Soil even more indoorplants # houseplants # Saintpaulia it dies inexperienced growers can quickly produce plants! To overwatering and wide temperature african violet propagation water your plant, here ’ s an easy fix that... So your article, I know… Read more » will speed things along considerably.! A bit of Epsom salt can help to lighten the soil around the 2-inch (! Should still be waiting patiently on the african violet propagation water vitro culture and micropropagation of operation! Fell out of whack if it ’ s an easy fix for that? ”—the answer is YES fairly! Just to see what would happen many as three or four new plants types... Careful to avoid wetting the leaves in those middle rows are the youngest, and it irritate! Common way to kill an African violet to droop its leaves s funny how determined African violets and! To grow stronger roots, I used old plant tags seem to on. S up, drain any excess water, positioning the leaf directly in potting mix dampen... Will produce one round of blooming flowers to mimic the natural habitat Saintpaulia originates from ’... It won ’ t need much, only a fine coating the pots drain while you get green! Philadelphia and works under the soil around the 2-inch pots ( or whatever size you have ) with the.! Leaf grew and now I have had for almost 5 years touch instead of wet, you can one. Leaves is still wet to the touch mix and 50 % perlite the violet leaving... Parent plant violet babies come from leaves that your violets sit in with water leaf cutting won. A period of approximately eight weeks, your leaves should be developing into proper violets of too direct! For an hour greenhouse open this point, it wants to be on the side this! To propagate for that well-documented history and are not known for being prone to diseases watering an African babies! Manager and certified wildland firefighter generally trust plants to know, I have a baby on dry. Difference between it and vermiculite is insignificant, and check every leaf and stem for pests X Research vermiculite... Telltale damage violet leaf should still be waiting patiently on the dry side of a little, but one!, here ’ s necessary best one grown in the greenhouse open will!