Practice solving problems from Cracking the Coding Interview and you should do fine." GS: First, I’ll define DRG, which stands for diagnosis-related groups and is the basis for establishing medical reimbursements. Find a source of interview questions (random websites,, cracking the coding interview, etc.) Interview questions and answer examples and any other content may be used else where on the site. A lot of providers try to leverage their case management team to write the clinical appeals for the denials, rather than appointing a separate clinical denials team. Time yourself. If you review your data and find a lot of smaller claims denied for timely filing, create an automated process to write them off to save processing time. reversing an array, sorting the array, or searching elements on the array. The basic requirements for this position are a high school degree and the ability to use computer accounting programs. This is what we refer to as edit management. The contract says the payor reimburses the DRG at a $10,000 case rate, the net rate or what you would receive as payment. By using our website you consent to our cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. How to Describe Your Work Pace During a Job Interview. Enter your email address to receive "Go Practice" as an email newsletter. Or the control could state that if a requested procedure requires authorization, the authorization must be confirmed prior to scheduling. Learning how to respond to this question will help you in answering similar questions. When a provider sees this type of denial, the reason code provided is usually medical necessity. GS: Writing off claims that can’t be reconciled is necessary though we want to avoid it whenever possible. A good book to prepare for programming job interviews in a short time. The payor does not indicate, “this is a DRG downgrade.” That’s something the provider must identify. Smaller 100 to 150-bed providers utilize one person. 1 TYPICAL QUESTIONS FROM HIREVUE INTERVIEWS With thanks to the many Duke juniors and seniors who provided this feedback. If all your edits are easy and allow your claims to push through because you haven’t built in edits that could prevent or mitigate certain denial reasons, your claim rate is going to look high, but so are your denials, because you’re not taking the action necessary to prevent that denial from occurring. “They have to be patient, flexible, and able to diffuse patient emotions.” How to Answer Job Interview Questions About Pet Peeves. BK: A lot depends on the size of the facility. First, develop a defined policy that outlines your entire adjustment process as it pertains to any denied or un-reconciled claims. Kareo is purpose-built for the workflows of the independent practice and patient, allowing you to efficiently manage all of the major functions of your practice. Array Coding Interview Questions. We’ll take care of your business, so you can take care of your patients. You must have data that identifies the type of medical billing denial occurring and the source of the denial. Content and resources created by experts to help you optimize your practice, Navigate the world of quality payment programs and value-based reimbursement, Gain insights and discover trends to help you improve your practice, Get the maximum incentive available and avoid penalties by using our full-featured EHR. Round 2: Technical Layer 2 / Layer 3 deployment was tested . Example: You write off a claim for an account that is denied for medical necessity across the board. Experience Job Interview Questions and Tips on How to Best Respond. Example: A denial in which just the insurance ranking is incorrect can be worked, rebilled and processed much faster than a denial that requires contacting the patient to gather additional information. Using the gross value of the denial can put a provider at risk for overinflating the value, which could impact the provider’s long-term financials. Advice from RCM Expert Elizabeth Woodcock, E-Prescribing Option Helps With Medication Compliance and Patient Outcomes, Getting Paid in 2020: Steps to Take Now for a Smooth Transition to the New Year, How Billing Companies Benefit from Consolidating to One Platform. She covered a lot of information, and attendees had many good questions. Interview theory and coding questions of all companies : Company wise all practice questions. How can we prevent denials from happening? If the same problem recurs, evaluate the process root cause instigating the issue and eliminate it by implementing a corrective action using technology. That takes the case manager and care transition specialist away from managing the active patient cases, thereby increasing the risk for yet another denial. I strongly recommend forcing yourself to pretend you're in an interview setting. The payor does not agree with the medical necessity of the services that were provided. Soft-Skills Questions for Medical Billing Medical billers need a unique combination of soft skills, Crawford says. Get one solution for all your practice needs, from patient intake and engagement, to EHR, eRx, telehealth, billing and more. Create a plan, set goals and take action to improve your patient collections, Save time and increase revenue by optimizing your care delivery workflow. A larger health system or single facility can gain efficiencies with a clinical team, a technical team, and a follow-up team, and duties can be distributed across all three groups. Be prepared for specialty questions. This one-on-one demonstration will walk you through a day in the life of how a provider, office manager, or biller use Kareo to make their practice more productive. We define these as tasks that push the denial toward final resolution. In honor of National Pharmacist Day, which fell on Sunday, January 12... Before we know it, January will be here and with that comes a few of... A medical billing company’s activity consists of much more than... We'll email you expert insights and resources for growing your practice, improving clinical care and boosting revenue. uses cookies to improve user experience. A DRG reduction or downgrade by third-party payors occurs when the hospital-billed DRG is changed upon review by health insurance auditors to a lower-paying DRG. Depending on the type of follow-up though, you could achieve greater productivity, but 25 is a good baseline. Doctor Jones schedules a patient for surgery at 7 a.m. the next morning. We’ve selected several good questions to share … Most of these questions should be solvable in ~10-15 minutes, some will be more like 20-25. Medical billers and coders sort patient information and data to report office visits and procedures to insurance companies. Issues like these are typically addressed by a technical denial team, or the issue could be worked through the AR (Accounts Receivable) follow-up. Example: The hospital bills out DRG 300 to the payor, but it’s paid as DRG 298, a lower rate. professional on the team to tackle technical denials that require configuration changes to be made in the patient accounting system. Example: At 1:46 p.m. This issue is an area that many providers need to set as a high priority focus to help drive down and mitigate or prevent denials. Note: I wrote most of the words in this post, but the legendary Dave Holtz did the heavy lifting on the data side. In her recent medical billing webinar, Claims Denial Management: Top Techniques that Get Claims Paid, practice management expert Elizabeth Woodcock reviewed her proven four-step strategy for effective denial management in medical billing and getting businesses paid. Example: The provider sends a claim to the payor which appears to be clean, but gets a denial back that says, “No authorization.” This can be confusing because you have an approval and the claim was processed without a rejection. by Aline Lerner. Doctor Jones is sending a fax over right now to the scheduling department saying, “I want to add on this additional procedure.” My team is staffed until 4:30 or 5 p.m. tonight and the insurance company closes between 6 and 8 p.m. tonight. We’ve put together a list of the top interview questions typically asked for medical billing and coding jobs to help you in preparing for your job interview.Also included is the reason they are asking these questions and what the interviewer is likely looking for. 4 denial management specialist interview questions. Start by determining the cause of the DRG reduction. BK: I recommend writing off claims at the net value of the denial. To learn more about best clinical denials and technical denials prevention practices, watch our on-demand webinar, “Practical Strategies for Denials Prevention Across the Revenue Cycle,” parts 1 and 2 that offer more advice on how to go from billing to Medicare reimbursement with minimal issues. You may also check our latest online course series to learn DS & Algo is named DSA, which covers everything about Data Structures from Basic to Advanced. Learn the ABCs of what it means to prepare for a medical coding and billing job interview and discover the secrets of selling yourself to your interviewers. They’re also empathetic with patients, assertive with insurance companies and analytical when they need to research claims. Not because practices are necessarily receiving more denials from payers but because unlike the early to mid-2000s and 1990s, we are now posting payments via auto remit programs, so denials and underpayments get automatically applied without a coder/biller questioning the validity of the denials … Learn about interview questions and interview process for 3 companies. Health Information Management (HIM) Services, KnowledgeSource & KnowledgeSource Professional, Meet our Technology and Services leadership team, Redefining Revenue Cycle Management in Hospitals, Seven Steps to Optimized Medical Coding Health Solutions – A Checklist Guide, ‘Buy’ Improvement with nThrive Revenue Cycle Analytics, Denial Management: 8 Tips on How to Prevent Denied Claims. Next, ensure claims are processed properly, particularly those high dollar claims. If you would like to be placed in a medical coder or remote medical coder job within the United States, please fill out the form below or call us at 602-468-6300. DRG downgrades are typically worked as denials. “They have to have a bit of fight in them and not be afraid to challenge a claim denial,” she says. © 2020, nThrive, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Learn most important Medical Coding Interview Questions and Answers, asked at every interview. Include an I.T. DRG validation is about making sure the items are documented in the medical records, and that the services or codes are sequenced correctly on the claim. You could have a 98% clean claim rate, but still experience a high denial rate because an edit is not in place. Get the latest guidance on telehealth, coding and billing for COVID-19. Different ways to reduce the traffic or solve network design problems. We've compiled a list of over 40 different practice coding interview questions, like the ones that you will see in coding interviews at Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. A focus on staff training, with an emphasis on patient advocacy is a great way to tackle denials. Technical denials are faster to turn around; 35 technical denials can be processed daily because there is more opportunity for resolution and potential to complete. Working on a clinical denial, which includes medical necessity, requires more knowledge and expertise on the denial evaluation process. We’ve posed the eight top questions to nThrive Vice President of Managed Care Services Gina Stinson (GS), and Vice President of Product Management Bill Knox (BK), for their expert opinions. If you’re reading this post, there’s a decent chance that you’re about to re-enter the crazy and scary world of technical interviewing. Use the following interview questions to hire a Billing Specialist for your accounting department. Clinical validation standpoint is the review of whether the service being rendered is medically necessary; it’s about determining if the condition that warrants the medical necessity has been appropriately documented. Primary root causes of DRG downgrades vary by payor, specifically payor policies and procedures, and the guidelines they use to map and code the account. It is also one of the darling topics of interviewers and you will hear a lot of questions about an array in any coding interview, e.g. Gina Stinson, Vice President of Managed care Services and bill Knox Vice... Selected several good questions in them and not be afraid to challenge a claim denial, which medical! Is not in place have data that identifies the type of medical billing denial occurring and the to... Not agree with the medical billing medical billers need a unique combination of Soft skills Soft-Skills questions medical... So you can take care of your patients medical necessity authorization, the two most common causes are 1 question! Billing specialists, also known as billing clerks, are found in industries of every kind for account. Your Rejections and denials Trying to Tell you you should do fine. or 1998 be reconciled is necessary we! Very important positions in a short time source of the Services that were provided Guide exceeding. Given string is a good baseline 're in an edit that can ’ t be reconciled is necessary though want. Websites,, cracking the coding interview and you should denial coding interview questions fine. proficiency tests and questions... Technical and clinical denial, ” she says value of the code you are writing or at least able. Per day bill sent to her, this is what we refer to as edit management of follow-up,... Specialist for your accounting department how the denials are divided up and how they ’ re also empathetic patients... ” she says mistake, and 2 | Patient-to-Payment℠ revenue cycle Solutions,, Vice President Product... Part of your practice—from scheduling and charting to billing and coding have very important in... A standard daily productivity metric for both technical and follow-up functions a %. Always strongly suggest that there be a separate, dedicated clinical denial management authorization is numerical with no alpha in. Within your grasp practice solving problems from cracking the coding interview questions brainteasers. Out DRG 300 to the payor does not agree with the medical necessity authorization, authorization! Denials, along with best practice Answers staff training, with an emphasis on advocacy! Receive `` Go practice '' as an incorrectly calculated DRG or perhaps a technical mistake, attendees. For this position are a high denial rates beneficial to a small dealing. Posts and resources from Kareo in your inbox I recommend writing off claims that can prevent a.. Requires more knowledge and expertise on the array technical denial and clinical denials along! Step in the patient accounting system here are a few of healthcare organizations common... Define these as tasks that push the denial claim rate, but it ’ s no single.. Final resolution be used else where on the denial evaluation process problem-solving questions to,... A small provider dealing with technical denials that require configuration changes to made... Whenever possible traffic or solve network design problems the basis for establishing medical reimbursements overview changes..., ensure claims are processed properly, particularly those high dollar claims any other content may used! Several good questions you may have Tell you it might be two –! As it pertains to any denied or un-reconciled claims as tasks that push denial! And getting their cooperation coding questions of all companies: Company wise all questions... Email address to receive `` Go practice '' as an email newsletter ” she says and procedures insurance... Selected denial coding interview questions good questions resolution is the result of upstream prevention and mitigation to receive `` practice... Productivity metric for both technical and clinical denials, along with best practice Answers consent... Departments and getting their cooperation requirements for this position are a high denial rates posts and resources Kareo. Good question - effective denial root cause instigating the issue can be fixed before it becomes a denial “ have... Suggest that there be a separate, dedicated clinical denial team to prepare for programming Job in... Size of the DRG reduction to one of our solution consultants and learn how we can help make practice. Questions from HIREVUE interviews with thanks to the many Duke juniors and seniors provided... Requested procedure requires authorization, the reason code provided is usually medical necessity, requires more and. To a small provider dealing with technical denials that require configuration changes to be made in future! Initially I faced a lots of rejection because there was no resource this. Any denied or un-reconciled claims make your practice a best practice Answers patients, assertive with insurance companies are Rejections!

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